We Need To All Let It Go

Now I guess its time for me to share the readings that helped me get trough my own bout of depression. . . Love is a funny thing; it brings you to your highest high but be prepared because it may surely bring you to your lowest low. Good read from though catalog, I hope one day I could share one of my own thoughts . . . 🙂 Happy Days everyone! 🙂

Thought Catalog

It all starts with a hello.

It all starts with an initial attraction – an interest. The hook may have been his eyes, his smile, or his lips.

Looking back to it, you don’t really quite remember what it was, but you know there was something there. Maybe an illusion, maybe it was the excess glutamate in your brain provided by that tonic and gin.

The exchange of numbers gave you hope – that darn hope – the attraction was mutual; the interest was there in his eyes as well. You wait for that phone to ring, for that text you come up on your screen: «Hi, this is (insert name here), it was great meeting you hope we can see each other soon ».

The waiting game begins and before you know it, the game becomes a part of the relationship. It requires more than just the waiting, but it…

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